Leadership Transition at Whitewater Foundry

Hayden Barnes, the founder of Whitewater Foundry and project manager for Pengwin, has accepted a position as a Developer Advocate for Ubuntu on WSL at Canonical.

Carlos Ramirez will assume the leadership role at Whitewater Foundry. Carlos has nearly 20 years of experience in enterprise software development and has been a core contributor to Pengwin since the early stages of the project. Carlos is also active in the Wine community. Carlos developed several tent-pole features of Pengwin and has led user support for several months. Hayden and Carlos have been working behind the scenes for several weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

Whitewater Foundry is pleased to welcome Kevin Brock to the core team. Kevin and Carlos have taken the lead on a new product by Whitewater Foundry that is expected later this fall known as Project Raft.

Hayden will continue advising on Whitewater Foundry projects as an outside contributor.