Preliminary Changelog For Pengwin 1.2

  • Pengwin optimizations and pengwin-setup are being delivered via apt using our continuous integration/deployment system using CircleCI and

  • pengwin-setup is now modular and extensible

  • wslutilities 2.0

  • Start services on launch with rc.local

  • Optimized terminal keyboard settings for WSL

  • Icon next to ‘Open In Penguin’ in Explorer

  • Added IBM Cloud, OpenStack, AWS CLI tools, and Terraform

  • Option to back up your home folder, useful for when resetting Pengwin

  • Installing Windows 10-matching GUI themes now installs lxappearance to manage them

  • Improvements to zsh, fish, Ruby, and Docker integration

  • Fixes for Explorer integration, Azure CLI, PowerShell, and Code

  • Latest Go and Docker

Screenshot (8).png