Test the WLinux 1.1.27 to Penguin 1.2 transition

Want to try the upgrade from WLinux 1.1.27 to Pengwin 1.2 and demo the latest pengwin-setup?

The upgrade switches update method from GitHub to our new apt repos for pengwin-base and pengwin-setup packages.

This allows us to unify the delivery method for updates to the pengwin environment, including underlying optimizations and pengwin-setup, under the apt package system. 

Our new continuous integration/continuous deployment pipeline allows us to deploy new features and address WSL-related issues faster and more efficiently.

Get and run the script with:

$ bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/WhitewaterFoundry/Pengwin/1.2/linux_files/setup)

Try the new backup function in pengwin-setup because you could get breakage. Report bugs here.