WSL2 and Pengwin, RHEL8 on Pengwin Enterprise, and Fedora Remix for WSL 30


Pengwin will support both WSL1 and WSL2. Same with Pengwin Enterprise and Fedora Remix for WSL.


Pengwin Linux 1.2.4 is headed to Microsoft Store with pengwin-base build 182, pengwin-setup build 770, and wslutilities 2.1.1. Run $ sudo apt-get update and $ sudo apt-get upgrade to get the latest versions now.

Pengwin Enterprise

The demo build of Pengwin Enterprise in the Store will continue to ship with Scientific Linux 7, which will be supported by Red Hat and Fermilab until 2024. Popular third-party repos, e.g. EPEL, will support it through that time as well.

Fedora Remix for WSL

Now that Fedora Remix for WSL has reached build 30 to avoid confusion with Fedora release numbers we are changing the versioning of Fedora Remix for WSL from 1.0.x, where x is our build number, to 1.x.y, where x is the Fedora release and y is our build of that release. 1.30.3 would be our third build from Fedora 30.

You can download the release candidate for Fedora Remix for WSL 1.30.1 , with packages from Fedora 30, here.

The new Windows Terminal teaser has passed 1,000,000 views. Did you catch Pengwin Linux in there?