Fedora Remix for WSL 30.1 Released

Fedora Remix for WSL 30.1 has been released as the first build of Fedora Remix for WSL from Fedora 30 packages.

30.1 includes the following changes:

  • Fresh build from the latest Fedora 30 packages.

  • It is no longer necessary to call dbus-uuidgen on installation.

  • glibc-langpack-en is installed by default to make locale stop complaining and glyphs in shells like fish appear correctly.

30.1 will be available in the Microsoft Store in the next 24-48 hours here.

Signed builds for side-loading can be downloaded here.

Fedora Remix for WSL supports both x86_64 and arm64 devices.

The Chocolatey package of Fedora Remix for WSL will be updated to Fedora 30 packages when version Fedora Remix for WSL 30.2 is released.

Existing Fedora Remix for WSL users can upgrade to Fedora 30 packages using:

$ sudo dnf upgrade --releasever=30 

File bug reports here.



WSL at Build 2019: Day 2 Round-Up

  • We got the details on WSL2 architecture from Craig and Ben.

  • The Pengwin team attended sessions on DTrace in Windows and Azure Pipelines, met with various teams throughout Microsoft, and talked to partners and potential partners.

  • On Wednesday we are looking forward to details on the new Windows Terminal.

  • The Windows Terminal even created a design proof of concept for Pengwin on Windows Terminal:


Fedora Remix for WSL Build 28 Released

Fedora Remix for WSL build 28 is headed to the Microsoft Store, based on Fedora 29.

Build 28 is built with a new image creation process based on contributions by Neal Gompa.

Build 28 ships with wslutilities pre-installed developed by Whitewater Foundry lead dev Patrick Wu.

A bug in Fedora packaging tools discovered by Whitewater Foundry during the development of build 28 led to a patch in upstream

The official Chocolatey package of Fedora Remix for WSL will be updated with build 28. The Chocolatey package is maintained by Bill Curran.

This will be the final planned release of Fedora Remix for WSL based on Fedora 29. Fedora 30 is expected to land in early May. A Fedora Remix for WSL build based on Fedora 30 should arrive shortly thereafter.