WSL at Build 2019: Day 2 Round-Up

  • We got the details on WSL2 architecture from Craig and Ben.

  • The Pengwin team attended sessions on DTrace in Windows and Azure Pipelines, met with various teams throughout Microsoft, and talked to partners and potential partners.

  • On Wednesday we are looking forward to details on the new Windows Terminal.

  • The Windows Terminal even created a design proof of concept for Pengwin on Windows Terminal:


Pengwin Enterprise Build 57 Released

A fresh build of Pengwin Enterprise is available on the Microsoft Store for individual users and demo purposes.

This is the first build to replace WLinux Enterprise branding with Pengwin Enterprise branding. 

Pengwin Enterprise can be downloaded here.

The Pengwin Enterprise build on the Microsoft Store is built with Scientific Linux. 

Pengwin Enterprise can be customized by Whitewater Foundry for your enterprise with CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux, or Scientific Linux.

Try Oracle Linux on WSL with WLinux Enterprise

WLinux Enterprise supports several enterprise Linux distributions, including Oracle Linux. You can upgrade to Oracle Linux completely free, no strings attached, using a handy script provided by Oracle. This is the exact same Oracle Linux that Oracle provides to it’s enterprise customers. And it ‘just works’ on the personal use demo build of WLinux Enterprise built with Scientific Linux in the Microsoft Store.

WLinux Enterpriseは、Oracle Linuxを含む複数のエンタープライズLinuxディストリビューションをサポートしています。 Oracle提供の便利なスクリプトを使用して、文字列を付けずに完全に無料でOracle Linuxにアップグレードできます。 これは、オラクルが企業顧客に提供するものとまったく同じOracle Linuxです。 そしてそれはMicrosoftストアのScientific Linuxで構築されたWLinux Enterpriseの個人的な使用デモビルドに「うまくいきました」。



Install the personal use demo of WLinux Enterprise built with Scientific Linux or build it from source.

Scientific Linuxで構築されたWLinux Enterpriseの個人使用デモをインストールするか、ソースから構築してください。



Set password for root and create a default non-privileged user. 

root のパスワードを設定し、デフォルトの非特権ユーザーを作成します



Change to root:


$ su -



Download and run Oracle's script: 


$ curl | sh


Bring all packages up to date: 


$ yum distro-sync

That’s it.



Install wslutilities

wslutilities のインストール

$ su -

$ curl -s | bash

$ yum install wslu -y


See more on Oracle Linux.

Oracle Linux has not endorsed WLinux Enterprise.