Whitewater Foundry Supports Science Education at Fermilab

When Whitewater Foundry launched WLinux Enterprise we wanted an easy way for personal non-commercial users to get access to the app and for interested commercial users to try a demo. So we built and maintain a version of WLinux Enterprise on the Microsoft Store built with the Red Hat Enterprise Linux-compatible Scientific Linux.

Scientific Linux is a community-powered libre rebuild of CentOS sponsored by the Fermilab National Accelerator Laboratory without a lot of onerous restrictions on trademark usage in large part due to it’s US government sponsorship.

From the Fermilab About page:

Fermilab is America’s particle physics and accelerator laboratory. Fermilab’s 1,750 employees include scientists and engineers from all around the world. Fermilab collaborates with more than 50 countries on physics experiments based in the United States and elsewhere.
Driven by Fermilab’s scientific mission and focusing on the changing needs of experimental facilities, Scientific Linux should provide a world class environment for scientific computing needs.

Scientific Linux is relied upon to power scientific experiments throughout the world, including Large Hadron Collider experiments at CERN. Scientists at DESY and ETHZ have also contributed to the project.

The goals of Scientific Linux are:

Provide a stable, scalable, and extensible operating system for scientific computing.

Support scientific research by providing methods and procedures for enabling the integration of scientific applications with the operating environment.

Use the free exchange of ideas, designs, and implementations to prepare a computing platform for the next generation of scientific computing.

Whitewater Foundry believes strongly in supporting upstream projects and giving back to communities. For example we are a sponsor of DebConf19 in recognition of the work of the Debian community that goes into WLinux.

We therefore committed to donating a share of the proceeds of the sales of the WLinux Enterprise demo on the Microsoft Store during the first 30 days to Fermilab-affiliated work.

In recognition of the work of the Fermilab team on Scientific Linux we have donated $650 USD from WLinux Enterprise demo sales to Fermilab-affiliated Fermilab Friends for Science Education (FFSE).

The mission of FFSE is:

Fermilab Friends for Science Education supports innovative science education programs at Fermilab. Its mission is to:

Enhance the quality of precollege science education in public and private schools.

Encourage young people to pursue careers in science and engineering.

Promote a broader public awareness and understanding of science.

From the FFSE About Us page:

From a modest, grass-roots organization at its inception in 1983, FFSE has grown to become a national leader in precollege science education. From the first Summer Institute for Science Teachers held in the very early years, programs sponsored by FFSE have increased in number, size and quality. Last year over 37,000 students, and 2,500 teachers participated in programs through the Education Office.

We appreciate the work of the team at Fermilab on Scientific Linux and the scientific work that is enabled by the project. Learn more about Scientific Linux by reading the FAQ and how to get involved.

We also appreciate the educational opportunities offered by FFSE creating new generations of young scientists and engineers. Join FFSE and read more about FFSE programs. You can contribute directly to FFSE or get Fermi gear and profits go to FFSE.

Learn more about deploying WLinux Enterprise in your company, agency, or school. You can get your copy of WLinux Enterprise demo here.

WLinux Enterprise is not supported or endorsed by Fermilab, Fermilab Friends for Science Education,, Fermi Research Alliance, LLC, Scientific Linux, the CentOS Project, or the US Department of Energy.