Deploy Enterprise Linux on Windows 10.


A Windows Subsystem for Linux solution for the enterprise.

Unleash your organization’s developers and IT staff by providing access to Linux command line tools and open source development tools they want on the secure Windows workstations you already have and manage.

Unlock powerful Linux software on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Server, including: Azure and Amazon cloud tools, Apache, Docker, Git, Go, Node.js, OpenJDK, Ruby on Rails, and Rust.

Securely connect to and administer Linux/BSD servers, both on-site and cloud, from Windows 10 devices, such as a Surface Pro.

Automate routine Windows and Linux tasks with Bash, Python, PowerShell, and other scripting languages, weaving tools from both platforms together.

Test websites with a local LAMP stack and build cross-platform and cross-architecture tools.

Connect to Visual Studio, Code, and JetBrains IDEs to conduct continuous integration testing and simplify DevOps.

Compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the industry standard enterprise Linux, known for its reliability, security, and stability.

Leverage your organization’s existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions and infrastructure, including Red Hat Satellite.

Deploy Windows Subsystem for Linux in an end-to-end managed and secured environment suitable for highly regulated industries and sensitive government work.

Whitewater Foundry can customize an in-house build of Pengwin Enterprise to fit your company’s needs.

Install and manage Pengwin Enterprise Edition on Windows 10 devices with your existing Microsoft network management tools, including: Microsoft Store for Business, Intune, DISM, ICD, SCCM, or through Windows sideloading, with or without automatic updates.

SAM Registration No. 081368654

SAM Registration No. 081368654



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Pengwin Enterprise is now available in custom deployments.

$100 USD per device per year
Minimum 50 devices
Basic customization and deployment consulting included
Basic annual support contract $1,500 USD

Managed deployment, advanced customization, employee training,
enhanced support levels, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscriptions are extra.


Request a quote below or call +1 855 276-0200.


A highly discounted self-supported individual user license of Pengwin Enterprise,
based on Scientific Linux, is available here from the Microsoft Store.