Leadership Transition at Whitewater Foundry

Hayden Barnes, the founder of Whitewater Foundry and project manager for Pengwin, has accepted a position as a Developer Advocate for Ubuntu on WSL at Canonical.

Carlos Ramirez will assume the leadership role at Whitewater Foundry. Carlos has nearly 20 years of experience in enterprise software development and has been a core contributor to Pengwin since the early stages of the project. Carlos is also active in the Wine community. Carlos developed several tent-pole features of Pengwin and has led user support for several months. Hayden and Carlos have been working behind the scenes for several weeks to ensure a smooth transition.

Whitewater Foundry is pleased to welcome Kevin Brock to the core team. Kevin and Carlos have taken the lead on a new product by Whitewater Foundry that is expected later this fall known as Project Raft.

Hayden will continue advising on Whitewater Foundry projects as an outside contributor.

Pengwin Dev Blog: How to stop PowerShell from resetting your WSL console font

A ‘dev blog’ is a link to a post on the personal blog of a Pengwin contributor of interest to the Pengwin community.

Patrick Wu develops wslutilities and is a contributor to Pengwin Linux. Recently he solved a longstanding issue with a tool in wslutilities, wslusc, which creates Windows shortcuts for Linux applications. Patrick wrote about the technical challenge and the solution he found in his blog here.

Fedora Remix for WSL 30.1 Released

Fedora Remix for WSL 30.1 has been released as the first build of Fedora Remix for WSL from Fedora 30 packages.

30.1 includes the following changes:

  • Fresh build from the latest Fedora 30 packages.

  • It is no longer necessary to call dbus-uuidgen on installation.

  • glibc-langpack-en is installed by default to make locale stop complaining and glyphs in shells like fish appear correctly.

30.1 will be available in the Microsoft Store in the next 24-48 hours here.

Signed builds for side-loading can be downloaded here.

Fedora Remix for WSL supports both x86_64 and arm64 devices.

The Chocolatey package of Fedora Remix for WSL will be updated to Fedora 30 packages when version Fedora Remix for WSL 30.2 is released.

Existing Fedora Remix for WSL users can upgrade to Fedora 30 packages using:

$ sudo dnf upgrade --releasever=30 

File bug reports here.



Pengwin 1.2.5 released. See what's new and what's coming next.

Pengwin 1.2.5 has been released, including pengwin-base build 192 and pengwin-setup build 851.

Pengwin 1.2.5 features:

  • Homebrew

  • Keychain from Funtoo

  • Added bash completion for npm

  • Improvements to ColorTool

  • Fixes for Node and npm

  • Fixes for pre-1803 Windows 10 edge cases

  • Fixes for multiple users on same instance of Pengwin

  • Option to suppress update/upgrade when running pengwin-setup

Existing users can update immediately by running $ sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get upgrade -y.

An updated build for new installs will be released via the Microsoft Store within 24-36 hours.

Report bugs here.

Planned for Pengwin 1.2.6:

  • Docker Toolbox support

  • Add Linux GUI app shortcuts to your Windows desktop

  • Uninstall scripts for many features/tools in pengwin-setup

  • Deprecation of Cassandra implementation due to lack of community interest vs. complexity of maintenance

Huge thanks to the team, including Carlos, Kim, Patrick, and Spiro.


WSL2 and Pengwin, RHEL8 on Pengwin Enterprise, and Fedora Remix for WSL 30


Pengwin will support both WSL1 and WSL2. Same with Pengwin Enterprise and Fedora Remix for WSL.


Pengwin Linux 1.2.4 is headed to Microsoft Store with pengwin-base build 182, pengwin-setup build 770, and wslutilities 2.1.1. Run $ sudo apt-get update and $ sudo apt-get upgrade to get the latest versions now.

Pengwin Enterprise

The demo build of Pengwin Enterprise in the Store will continue to ship with Scientific Linux 7, which will be supported by Red Hat and Fermilab until 2024. Popular third-party repos, e.g. EPEL, will support it through that time as well.

Fedora Remix for WSL

Now that Fedora Remix for WSL has reached build 30 to avoid confusion with Fedora release numbers we are changing the versioning of Fedora Remix for WSL from 1.0.x, where x is our build number, to 1.x.y, where x is the Fedora release and y is our build of that release. 1.30.3 would be our third build from Fedora 30.

You can download the release candidate for Fedora Remix for WSL 1.30.1 , with packages from Fedora 30, here.

The new Windows Terminal teaser has passed 1,000,000 views. Did you catch Pengwin Linux in there?

WSL at Build 2019: Day 2 Round-Up

  • We got the details on WSL2 architecture from Craig and Ben.

  • The Pengwin team attended sessions on DTrace in Windows and Azure Pipelines, met with various teams throughout Microsoft, and talked to partners and potential partners.

  • On Wednesday we are looking forward to details on the new Windows Terminal.

  • The Windows Terminal even created a design proof of concept for Pengwin on Windows Terminal:


WSL at Build 2019: Day 1 Round-Up

Annotation 2019-05-06 232025.jpg

Fedora Remix for WSL Build 28 Released

Fedora Remix for WSL build 28 is headed to the Microsoft Store, based on Fedora 29.

Build 28 is built with a new image creation process based on contributions by Neal Gompa.

Build 28 ships with wslutilities pre-installed developed by Whitewater Foundry lead dev Patrick Wu.

A bug in Fedora packaging tools discovered by Whitewater Foundry during the development of build 28 led to a patch in upstream

The official Chocolatey package of Fedora Remix for WSL will be updated with build 28. The Chocolatey package is maintained by Bill Curran.

This will be the final planned release of Fedora Remix for WSL based on Fedora 29. Fedora 30 is expected to land in early May. A Fedora Remix for WSL build based on Fedora 30 should arrive shortly thereafter.

FINAL Changelog For Pengwin 1.2

  • Pengwin optimizations and pengwin-setup are being delivered via apt using our continuous integration/deployment system using CircleCI and packagecloud.io.

  • pengwin-setup is now modular and extensible

  • pengwin-setup menu was reorganized to improve usability and be extensible

  • Added tools to develop Linux C/C++ apps using CLion and Visual Studio, including graphical apps

  • wslutilities 2.1

  • Start services on launch with rc.local

  • Start openssh-server on launch

  • Optimized terminal keyboard settings for WSL

  • Icon next to ‘Open In Pengwin’ in Explorer

  • Added IBM Cloud, OpenStack CLI tools, AWS CLI tools, and Terraform

  • Option to back up your home folder, useful for when resetting Pengwin

  • Installing Windows 10-matching GUI themes now installs lxappearance to manage them

  • Improvements to zsh, fish, Ruby, and Docker integration

  • Fixes for Explorer integration, Azure CLI, PowerShell, and Code

  • Latest Go and Docker

Main Menu

Main Menu

Programming Menu

Programming Menu



Midnight Commander

Midnight Commander

Non-Latin input

Non-Latin input

Pengwin Enterprise Build 57 Released

A fresh build of Pengwin Enterprise is available on the Microsoft Store for individual users and demo purposes.

This is the first build to replace WLinux Enterprise branding with Pengwin Enterprise branding. 

Pengwin Enterprise can be downloaded here.

The Pengwin Enterprise build on the Microsoft Store is built with Scientific Linux. 

Pengwin Enterprise can be customized by Whitewater Foundry for your enterprise with CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Oracle Linux, or Scientific Linux.

Test the WLinux 1.1.27 to Penguin 1.2 transition

Want to try the upgrade from WLinux 1.1.27 to Pengwin 1.2 and demo the latest pengwin-setup?

The upgrade switches update method from GitHub to our new apt repos for pengwin-base and pengwin-setup packages.

This allows us to unify the delivery method for updates to the pengwin environment, including underlying optimizations and pengwin-setup, under the apt package system. 

Our new continuous integration/continuous deployment pipeline allows us to deploy new features and address WSL-related issues faster and more efficiently.

Get and run the script with:

$ bash <(curl -s https://raw.githubusercontent.com/WhitewaterFoundry/Pengwin/1.2/linux_files/setup)

Try the new backup function in pengwin-setup because you could get breakage. Report bugs here.